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Be a Burner E-course


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Product Description

In this revolutionary training system, Marcus Brunson, aka the Brunson Burner, outlines all of the speed drills, tricks, and training principles that he utilized to become one of the top sprinters in the world. Brunson twice ran the #1 time in the world for the 60m dash (2002, 2007) and has even run under 10 seconds in the 100m dash. And what makes his achievements even more impressive is the fact that he coached himself for the majority of his professional career. In “Be a Burner”, you’ll see first hand how a top sprinter trains, and more specifically, you’ll get a chance to see all of the speed secrets that it took Brunson a whole career to find out.   If you’re looking for a safe and effective method to enhance your speed, then this is program is a must have!  
 Each Be a Burner Course Includes: 
•  Nearly 5 hours of speed-enhancing video instruction
•  Over 100 drills/exercises/techniques performed by former world class sprinter, Marcus Brunson aka “the Brunson Burner”
•  A complete breakdown of the 40 yard dash, 60 yard/meter dash and 100 meter dash 
•  Charts, coaching cues and YouTube homework assignments designed to boost your speed IQ
•  30-day money back guarantee