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How to Run a Fast 100


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In the follow up to his “How to Run a Fast 60”, Marcus Brunson aka “the Brunson Burner” provides readers with his e-training manual from the season that he coached himself to a 9.99 in the 100m dash.  In How to Run a Fast 100, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at all of the speed and strength workouts that Brunson used to run a legal sub-10 second 100m dash.  
In this e-Report, you’ll get:
  • Over 9 months of workouts that you can use to run faster
  • The same training that Brunson used to run 6.55 in the 60m dash and a 9.99 in the 100m dash
  • An opportunity to see how a pro sprinter trains for speed
  • And a great tool for your speed development toolbox…
There aren’t many publications like this one!  If you’ve ever wanted to run a faster 100 (or any dash), be sure to pre-order your copy today!!