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How to Run a Fast 60

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Order Marcus Brunson’s one-of-a-kind report entitled How to Run a Fast 60: How I Coached Myself to the Fastest 60m Dash in the World.” You’ll get a up close and personal look at all of the workouts that Brunson utilized leading up to his 2007 world-leading 60m dash performance.Light on industry jargon but loaded with 3-months of actual workouts that you can use to run a faster 60 yard/meter dash. If you are looking to improve your sprint speed, then this report is definitely for you.
In this 65-page report you’ll get:
  • Over 3 months of workouts that you can use to enhance your speed and conditioning
  • The exact same training that Brunson used to run the #1 time in the world for the 60m dash (and the #3, #6 and #8 times)
  • A rare opportunity to look at the training methods of a top sprinter
  • And a great off-season regimen to get you in shape!
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