1-on-1 Training Session


Description: These 60-minute speed training sessions with former world-class sprinter Marcus Brunson include a:
  • 10-min dynamic warm-up
  • 20-min focus on specific speed elements needed by the athlete
  • 15-min focus on conditioning
  • 10-min functional cool-down w/ core exercises
  • 5-min review of the session/Q&A segment

Product Description

Location(s):              Sessions will be conducted at a track and/or field near the client
Days/Time(s):           Sessions are awarded on a first come, first serve basis
Cancellation(s):         Sessions must be cancelled within 12 hours of the appointment or a late cancel fee may apply

Reasons for private training
  1. Combine/showcase/tryout preparation  
  2. Personal attention to detail by the coach
  3. Conventional training hasn’t worked
  4. You’ve heard great things about us!