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Burner Sprint Analysis

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Get a Sprint Form Assessment to identify any biomechanical weaknesses/imbalances you may have in your current running technique.

This speed-enhancing service will help you increase your overall speed by helping you to sprint more efficiently and thereby helping you to run faster.

Did you know that bad running mechanics are to blame for many injuries?  Stay out of the training room and out there on the track, field or court.  

Think about it…getting faster and avoiding injury, it’s a win-win!

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Product Description

What is a Burner Sprint Form Assessment?
It’s a sprinting technique assessment service provided by Burner Speed Systems LLC.
If you are “slow”, “have bad form”, or just never learned what proper sprint mechanics are, then a Sprint Form Assessment will benefit you immensely.
Through the use of running analysis software, ASU Hall of Fame sprinter Marcus Brunson will systematically break down your sprint form frame by frame to identify any deficiencies or compensation patterns that are limiting your overall speed; and/or putting you at risk for injury.
For your continued learning, you will receive an .mp4 file via email with a video of the session containing freeze frames with notes to give you a clear idea of what to work on during your speed training sessions.  
Why Would I Want To Get a Sprint Assessment?
A better question is, “Why wouldn’t you want a sprint form assessment ?!?”  If the prospect of running faster and with better form hasn’t sold you yet then maybe the fear of pain will! Improper running mechanics are the #1 contributing factor in injuries.
The following is a list of the more common injuries associated with poor mechanics:
  • Hamstring strains
  • Groin strains
  • Tendonitis and bursitis 
  • Shin splints
  • and lots of other things it would be wise to avoid!
Our Sprint Form Assessment can help you identify any weaknesses and/or compensation patterns that may be putting you at risk for the above injuries.  A proper sprint evaluation will not only give you valuable information on how you can run faster but it can also keep you out of the trainer’s room and out there on the field/court/ice!

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Option 1:  Online Assessment: $59.00 (for everyone) This is a “virtual” assessment that can be taken advantage by anyone.  The buyer will be asked to upload specific footage of him/her running. The film will then be assessed by Marcus Brunson, who will create a freeze frame overview with captions to address your running mechanics.  Be sure to check out our requirements before taking advantage of this online service.  (Click here for the requirements.) An .mp4 overview of the film session with freeze frames and captions will be sent via email within 10-14 business of the assessment.

Option 2:  Local Assessment: $69.00 (for AZ residents – Greater Phoenix area)This 45-minute session with ASU Hall of Fame sprinter, Marcus Brunson, begins with a dynamic warm-up, followed by a film session to capture the athlete’s current running form and concludes with a functional cool-down.  This session will allow an athlete the opportunity to see what he or she needs to work on to improve his or her sprint speed/technique. An .mp4 overview of the film session with freeze frames and captions will be sent via email within 5-7 business of the assessment.  

Option 3:  Assessment with follow-up training session: $119.00 (for AZ residents – Greater Phoenix area)
This is a Burner Sprint Form Assessment coupled with a follow up 60-minute private training session to address any biomechanical issues that were discovered during the athlete’s initial assessment.  This package not only shows you WHAT you need to work on but it also shows you HOW to work on it.  Both the assessment and the accompanying training session will be conducted by ASU Hall of Fame sprinter, Marcus Brunson. An .mp4 overview of the film session with freeze frames and captions will be sent via email within 5-7 business of the assessment.